Gulf Coast Mobile is your choice for mobile video production. We have the latest equipment including an HD switcher, full 16 X 9 cameras and digital uplink. Our services include media tours, live news hits, corporate teleconferences, live sporting events and we now offer live internet streaming services. We also provide crewing and turn key full video productions with uplink. Our staff will work hard to make sure that your production and uplink needs are met.



(1) EVS XT 6 Channel (4in/2out) Networked
(1) EVS XT 4 Channel (2in/2out) Networked
(1) EVS X-File 2
(2) Sony DSR-1000A Hard Disk Recorders
(1) Sony BVW-75 Beta SP Slo-Mo Player/Recorder
(1) Sony DSR-2000A DV-CAM Player/Recorder
(1) Sony DVW 500 Digi Beta
(1) Samsung DVD recorder/VHS Recorder
(4) DNF ST-300-T Slo-Mo Controllers


(3) Sony BVP-900 Hard Cameras
(3) Sony BVP-E30 Handheld Cameras
(6) Sony CCU-700 CCU's
(1) Sony MSU-750 Master Set-up Unit
(2) Sony DXC-D30 Cameras w/ CCU-TX7 Control Units
(2) Panasonic POV Cameras with Magic Arms


(5) Canon 55 x 9.5mm w/2x w/ Servo Zoom (2 Manual avail)
(3) Canon 21 x 7.8mm w/2x ENG Lenses (Studio Controls)
(1) Canon Wide Angle 18 x 5.2mm
(4) Canon build-up sleds (ENG cameras to Canon 55 lenses)


(3) Vinten Vector 70 Pan heads
(3) Vinten HD-2 Tripods
(2) Sachler Video 90 Pan Heads
(2) Quickset Gibraltar Tripods
(4) Vinten Vision 250 ENG Tripods


64 input GVG Zodiak SDI switcher :
w/ 3 ME installed
w/ all 15 keyers installed
w/ all 12 transform engines installed
w/ 12 Aux busses feeding DVE and Still Store
w/ Aux 13 feeding Video station for monitoring
(1) Dual Twin DVEous, 12 inputs
(2) 2 Channel FFV Omega and Lance controller
32x32 Pesa Cougar A/V Router
64x64 Knox Chameleon Video Monitor Router


(1) Chyron Duet Hyper-X3 Character Generator
(1) Zuckerman Scorebox


(1) Yamaha 3500 - 56 input board
(2) Digicart II w/ 100MB Zip Drives
(1) DBX 1066 2-Channel compressor limiters
(3) DBX 166 2-Channel compressor limiters
(1) Sony MDX-11X Mini-Disc player
(1) Sony CDX-11x CD player
(1) Tektronix 760A Audio Analyzer
(1) Tektronix ASG-110 Audio Signal Generator
(2) Telos One Telephone-to-Audio Interface
(1) Telos 1x6 telephone call-in system


(1) RTS Adam CS Digital Intercom System
(3) SSA-424 dual channel digital to analog interface
(2) TIF-2000A Telephone Interface
(3) KP-32 Master intercom stations (Prod, Dir, Audio)
(9) KP-12 Intercom stations throughout the truck
(2) WKP-4 External Intercom Stations (AUD I/O & VID I/O)
(8) BP-325 Intercom Beltpacks
(1) IFB-828 8 Channel IFB
(8) BP-4030 IFB Beltpacks


(4) Daltech Announce Boxes
(4) HMD-25-1 Sennheiser Announcer Headsets
(4) AT-815 Long Shotgun Microphones
(3) AT-835 Short Shotgun Microphones
(4) Sennheiser MHK-416 Shotgun Microphones
(3) Sennheiser 835 Handheld Microphones
(2) EV RE-50B Handheld Microphone
(6) Sony Lavalier Microphones
(4) Lectrosonics Wireless Mic Systems
(2) Lectrosonics Wireless IFB Systems
(2) Big Ears Parabs


5000 feet Triax
2000 feet Video
(1) 100ft triax 6 pr mult
(1) 200ft video mult (5 line)
(1) 150ft video mult (5 line)
(1) 100ft video mult (10 line)
800ft various single BNC's
1500 feet DT-12 mults
800 feet various XLR's
(10) DT-12 fanouts
(3) DT-12 Breakout boxes

Power Requirements

208 VAC, 3 Phase w/ neutral and ground
100 Amp Service
200 feet of 3 phase cable onboard