Gulf Coast Mobile is your choice for mobile video production. We have the latest equipment including full HD production, HD switcher, full 16 X 9 HD cameras and HD digital uplink. Our services include media tours, live news hits, corporate teleconferences, live sporting events and we now offer live internet streaming services. We also provide crewing and turn key full video productions with uplink. Our staff will work hard to make sure that your production and uplink needs are met.



(1) Antenna: Vertex 2.4 Meter
(1) Research Concepts Satellite Antenna Controller
(2) Leitch 4X1 Router
(1) Carolina Microwave Dual Path Control 8941B
(2) Miteq Up Converter U-9696
(2) MCL TWT Amp Controller
(2) Adtec EN-81 HD Encoder
(1) Tandberg Encoder E5749 SD Encoder
(2) Adtec RD-60 HD Receiver
(2) Tandberg Receivers TT1260
(2) DBX Compressor/Limiter
(2) MCL TWT Amp Controller
(1) Tektronix Waveform/Vector scope
(1) Tektronix Spectrum Monitor
(1) Wohler AMP1-16M Embedded Monitor
(4) Stabilizers
(1) DekTec 245 with 320 DTC Stream Exports/Analyzer software
(1) Leader Phabrix 500 with Eye Pattern and Jitter
(1) Haivision Makito X Encoder/Decoder (Available on request)


(1) Ross Carbonite HD 2 M/E 24 Input Switcher
(1) Sony 60" LED monitor with multiviewer
(1) Clear Com PL-PRO
(1) ClearCom 802 Master Station
(1) Leitch XY router controller
(8) BlackMagic Dual HD Monitors
(2) Wohler audio monitor
(1) Crown Audio Level Control


(1) Ross Expression HD
(1) Chyron HyperX3 HD
(1) Zuckerman Scorebox HD
(1) Samsung 30 " LED monitor with multiviewer
(1) Clearcom 2 channel intercom


(1) EVS XT3 8-Channel HD
(1) EVS xFile3
(1) Newtek 3Play 6 Channel HD (available on request)
(2) Panasonic HD1400 DVCPRO HD Decks
(2) BlackMagic HyperDeck Studio Pro 4K SSD
(1) BlackMagic UltraStudio 4K
(3) Wohler audio monitors
(2) Toshiba DVD recorders
(6) BlackMagic HD Dual Monitors


(2) LiveStream HD Encoders
(8) Single muff Clearcom headsets
(4) Dual muff Clearcom headsets
(10)Clearcom beltpacks
(4) Clearcom IFB beltpacks
(5) ADC Video humbuckers
2,500ft Audio DT12 with fan outs
4,000ft Triax camera cable
1,500ft BNC video cable
500ft Video/Audio mult
16ft equipment trailer


(6) GVG Premiere LDX 8000 Cameras
(2) Fujinon 55 X with extender lens with semi servo
(2) Fujinon 72 X HD with extender lens with semi servo
(2) Canon 16 X with extender (wide angle)
(4) Vinten Pan Heads
(4) ITE tripods
(3) Sachtler Video 20 Head/Tripods


(7) GVG Premiere RCPs
(1) HD-SDI 40x40 Digital Video Router
(1) HD-SDI 40x40 Digital Monitor Router
(2) 24 Input Multiviewer
(3) BlackMagic Teranex Express
(3) BlackMagic Teranex 2D 4K
(4) BlackMagic Open Gear Frames
(30) Open Gear Converter Cards
(2) SmartScope Duo 4K
(1) Tecktronix Digital/Analog Waveform scope
(1) Tecktronix Digital/Analog Vector scope
(1) BlackMagic HD/SD 4K Video Monitor
(1) Leitch w/ 7X VDA-682 2XVTA-7000 Cards
(1) Leitch w/ 12X AMD-880 Cards
(1) Leitch w/ 8X AMD-880 Cards
(1) Timecode generator-reader
(1) DPS Sync/Test Gen
(1) VideoTek demodulator
(1) AJA FS4
(9) Marshall POVs (Available on request)


(1) X32 - Behringer 32-Ch 16-Bus Digital Mixer
(1) S16 - Behringer S16 Digital Snake
(2) SPC84193 - Klark Teknik AES Repeater Box
(2) EtherShld300 - Pro Co 300' Shld Ethercon Ethernet Cable
(1) Ocean Matrix Balanced Stereo Audio Passive SWR
(1) Yamaha Digi Reverb
(1) Yamaha Digital EQ
(1) Valley Audio Compressor/Limiter
(1) DBX Series Gain Control
(1) 360 Systems DigiCart II Plus
(1) Digicart II Plus RM-220 Remote
(1) Clear Com 2 Master Station
(1) Clear Com 2 IFB Controller
(2) Crown amplifier
(1) Tascam CD Player
(7) Audio Patch panels


Single phase 208 and 100 amps
200ft Power cable with camlocks
(1) Onan 20KW generator